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Making Out
Pic Title: Making Out
Pic Description: Sexy and adorable Dana and Britney Lightspeed please their members by giving an erotic show! These brunette babes show off in matching white bra and panty sets and embrace in a steamy makeout session. Things get better when they take turns going down on eachother and making them both get off!

Location: Loft, Chairs
Model: Dana, Britney
Clothing: Bra, Panties, Socks
Panty Color: White
Action: Kissing, Pussy Licking
Niche/ Fetish: Lesbian, Sorority
Poster: Lightspeed
Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:40 am
View: 332
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PantyInspector 10 08 Nov 2005 138 5 97

Current Rating: 10

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